Dispenser Cart for Steel strap HS5

Dispenser Cart for Steel strap HS5

Dispenser Cart for Steel strap HS5

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Original price was: 200€.Current price is: 159€.

  • Dispenser Cart for Steel strap HS5
  • Efficiently handle steel strapping with ease and boost productivity
  • Sturdy construction ensures durability in demanding industrial environments
  • Ergonomic handle and wheels for comfortable operation and enhanced mobility
  • Easy loading and dispensing of ribbon-style steel strapping for convenience
  • Provides organized storage, keeping strapping materials readily accessible
  • Controlled dispensing minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries
  • Suitable for bundling, securing, and reinforcing various products
  • Ideal for manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, and construction industries
  • Dimensions of dispenser cart for steel strap: 1020mm x 680mm x 310mm
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Can hold up to 50kg of load
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Steel Strap Dispenser Cart HS5

Dispenser Cart for Steel strap HS5 priceEfficiently and securely handle your steel strapping needs with our HS5 Steel Strap Dispenser Cart. Designed to streamline your packaging and shipping processes, this sturdy and reliable cart offers convenience and practicality.

With its dimensions measuring 1020mm in length, 680mm in width, and 310mm in height, the HS5 Steel Strap Dispenser Cart provides ample space to accommodate your steel strapping materials. It offers a weight of 15kg, ensuring easy maneuverability and transportation within your workspace.

Featuring a robust construction, this dispenser cart can effortlessly bear a loaded weight of up to 50kg. It is specifically designed for ribbon-style steel strapping, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. Whether you’re bundling heavy-duty products, securing packages for shipping, or reinforcing crates and pallets, the HS5 Steel Strap Dispenser Cart offers the strength and reliability you need.

The cart’s user-friendly design allows for easy loading and dispensing of steel strapping, enabling smooth and efficient operation. Its ergonomic handle ensures comfortable handling, reducing fatigue during extended use. The cart’s wheels enable smooth movement across different surfaces, ensuring optimal mobility and flexibility.

Built to withstand the demands of industrial environments, the HS5 Steel Strap Dispenser Cart is a durable and long-lasting solution for your strapping needs. Its high-quality construction guarantees exceptional performance, making it a valuable addition to any warehouse, manufacturing facility, or shipping center.

Streamline your steel strapping process and enhance productivity with the HS5 Steel Strap Dispenser Cart. Experience efficient handling, reliable performance, and exceptional durability—all in one compact and versatile solution. Invest in the HS5 Steel Strap Dispenser Cart today and elevate your packaging and shipping operations to new heights.


Benefits of Trolley for Steel strap

  • Dispenser Cart for Steel strap HS5 newEfficient Handling: The dispenser cart allows for quick and easy access to steel strapping, enabling efficient handling and reducing time spent on manual processes.
  • Improved Safety: With a dispenser cart, steel strapping can be stored and dispensed in a controlled manner, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries caused by loose or tangled strapping.
  • Enhanced Mobility: The cart’s wheels provide excellent mobility, allowing you to transport steel strapping materials effortlessly between different workstations or areas within your facility.
  • Organized Storage: The dispenser cart offers a designated space for storing steel strapping, keeping it neat, organized, and readily accessible when needed. This eliminates the hassle of searching for strapping materials and improves overall workspace efficiency.
  • Increased Productivity: By having a dedicated cart for steel strapping, workers can easily access the materials they need, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. This streamlines packaging and shipping processes, enabling faster turnaround times and meeting customer demands more efficiently.


Technical specification sheet for the HS5 Steel Strap Dispenser Cart:

Steel strap dispenser cartHS5
Tool Size1020mm x 680mm x 310mm
Weight15 kg
Loaded Weight50 kg
Suitable StrappingRibbon Steel Strapping
ConstructionSturdy and durable
HandleErgonomic design
ApplicationIndustrial packaging
CompatibilitySteel strapping materials
Safety FeaturesControlled dispensing
UsageBundling, securing, reinforcing
BenefitsEfficient handling, improved safety, enhanced mobility, organized storage, increased productivity


Usage of Steel Strap Dispenser Cart HS5

Dispenser Cart for Steel strap HS5 buyThe HS5 Steel Strap Dispenser Cart can be used in various industries and applications where steel strapping is required. Here are some examples of where the product can be used:

  1. Manufacturing and Warehousing: The dispenser cart is ideal for industrial manufacturing and warehousing facilities that require efficient bundling, securing, and reinforcing of products and materials. It can be used for packaging operations, palletizing, and ensuring the integrity of shipments.
  2. Shipping and Logistics: The cart is well-suited for shipping and logistics centers where packages and shipments need to be securely strapped for transportation. It simplifies the process of accessing and dispensing steel strapping, improving efficiency and reducing handling time.
  3. Construction and Building: In construction sites and building projects, the dispenser cart is valuable for bundling construction materials, reinforcing structures, and securing heavy components. It aids in streamlining operations and maintaining safety during the construction process.
  4. Manufacturing Equipment and Machinery: The cart can be utilized in manufacturing facilities to secure and reinforce large equipment or machinery during production or transportation. It helps prevent damage, ensuring that the equipment reaches its destination safely.
  5. Industrial Maintenance and Repairs: Maintenance and repair teams can benefit from the cart when handling steel strapping for repairs, maintenance, and modifications of industrial equipment and structures. It facilitates easy access and controlled dispensing of strapping materials.

These are just a few examples, and the HS5 Steel Strap Dispenser Cart can be used in various other industries and applications where steel strapping is required to bundle, secure, or reinforce products, materials, or structures.


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HS5 Steel Strap Dispenser Cart is designed to enhance the efficiency and convenience of your steel strapping process. This top-of-the-line solution is now available for purchase online. Simply click the button “Add to cart” to buy it online or the “Get Offer” button to send us an inquiry and receive an offer to your email. Experience the benefits of streamlined steel strapping, improved productivity, and organized storage. Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your processes. Invest in the HS5 Steel Strap Dispenser Cart today and take your packaging and shipping to the next level.